Protective Coatings

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Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is an additional clear coat for cars. With 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties, it’s perfect for any type of car. It’s a clear, multi-layerable, liquid nano-ceramic coating that transforms itself on the surface to a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield.

Where a normal clear coat has a hardness between 2H and 4H, Ceramic Pro has a hardness above 9H. This helps protect minor scratches on the windows and preserves the original factory paint. Surface scratches in the coating can easily be removed with light polishing, which won’t weaken the integrity of the original clear coat, and your car paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection in the Ceramic Pro glass coating!

So Why Choose Ceramic Pro?

Good Investment

Ceramic Pro will protect the vehicle’s interior and exterior from deteriorating for a lifetime!

Less Maintenance

With the slickness of the coated surface, dirt, dust and tar have a hard time adhering to your car’s paint, wheels & windows. This makes cleaning your car a breeze!

Brand New Look

This coating creates a mirror effect, glossiness and color depth. Your car will be sure to shine for years!