Car Detailing

We can take a look under the hood

We offer Gold and Platinum Packages for detailing. Gold packages start at 175$, and include complete care services designed to restore your vehicle’s appearance to its purchased condition. With full attention paid to the interior as well as the exterior, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Our full line of the industry’s leading car care products will ensure that your vehicle will leave our facility exceeding your demands and expectations. Our Platinum Package consists of all of the services outlined in the Gold Package with additional emphasis placed on long-term care solutions. A service designed for the true automobile connoisseur. A perfect solution for performance automobiles as well as vintage classics with appreciating value! The Platinum Package pricing is subject to change depending on your vehicle.

silver car

We also provide complete on-site washing services in our Corporate Programs. Our systems are fully self-contained bringing water and power sources to virtually any location. Our on-site services are designed to provide our Corporate and Group customers with the finest quality results at the highest level of convenience. Multiple vehicles can be handled at your company’s location without ever having to leave your office or facility. Contact us today for more information! 781-341-2621

Protective Coatings

We take care of your vehicle

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is an additional clear coat for cars. With 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties, it’s perfect for any type of car. It’s a clear, multi-layerable, liquid nano-ceramic coating that transforms itself on the surface to a permanent, ridged, flexible glass shield.

Where a normal clear coat has a hardness between 2H and 4H, Ceramic Pro has a hardness above 9H. This helps protect minor scratches on the windows and preserves the original factory paint. Surface scratches in the coating can easily be removed with light polishing, which won’t weaken the integrity of the original clear coat, and your car paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection in the Ceramic Pro glass coating!

So Why Choose Ceramic Pro?

Good Investment

Ceramic Pro will protect the vehicle’s interior and exterior from deteriorating for a lifetime!

Less Maintenance

With the slickness of the coated surface, dirt, dust and tar have a hard time adhering to your car’s paint, wheels & windows. This makes cleaning your car a breeze!

Brand New Look

This coating creates a mirror effect, glossiness and color depth. Your car will be sure to shine for years!

Paint Correction

We can fine-tune your car

Paint correction is your first step in restoring your vehicle’s luster, depth and reflection to showroom shine. We use Menzerna line compounds and finishing polishes to remove 99% light scratches and swirl marks on all your paint surfaces. Our techs are professionally trained and given the best products and machine polishers to restore your clear coats visible defects. Bring your car back to life! Call us today to schedule your visit to estimate which correction level you need. (781) 341-2621

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In addition to these services, we offer glass treatments, odor treatments for those smells you just can’t seem to get rid of, and motorcycle cleaning.

Customer Benefits

What Makes us Different

At Bill’s Detailing, we offer a pick up and drop off service while your car is being detailed. In addition to this, we offer shuttle services because we understand that even though your car may need to be cleaned, you still have places to be. Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we want to provide you with the best service.

Call today, or fill out a contact form for an estimate on your car, and learn more about our packages! 781-341-2621